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About Funke

I am a MUSIC junkie, I live for beautiful summer days (although I love snuggling up in the winter and my favourite holiday is CHRISTMAS!!!), the SEASIDE is my reset button, I can never have enough CUPCAKES and the MOVIES….. oh the MOVIES…. (yep… I love watching movies!!)

I love witnessing the interaction between a people in love and always find it amazing how we can connect in such a beautiful way. The love a couple share, the bond between siblings, the amazing connection between friends and the indescribable feeling a parent has for a child. That beautiful feeling of being able to capture a moment in time that makes the viewer smile in recognition of an inherent positive feeling that both the image and the viewer share. That really is the reason why i fell in love with photography.

I live in London, England with my husband and our amazing little boys.

The phrase LIVE-LAUGH-LOVE defines me and everything i do.

My Name is Funke and I’m a wedding and Lifestyle Photographer.




For more information regarding my photographic services, please contact me through my website or email me directly: I’d really love to hear from you.